18 Apr 2012

Categories of Marketing


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Categories of Marketing

Social Marketing
Not all organisations will have profit as their objectives.
Example : has no direct profit objective, its goal being to generate tourism hence stimulating the economy, employment and the profits of private tourist enterprises. this concept of social marketing is a relatively recent one, and brings home the point that organisations of all types can apply good marketing practice to their activities,

Consumer and industrial marketing
In marketing terms, not only tangible goods, but also anything that can be offered to people to satisfy their needs or wants, including services.The term consumer marketing is used to describe the practice of marketing to the former category and Industrial marketing to the latter.

Home and export marketing
A distinction between marketing product in domestic market and marketing them abroad to foreign markets. Is a specialised field of marketing which will have to take into account different legal systems and business climates, different cultures affecting buyer behaviour and the problems associated with transporting products abroad.

The nature of tourism services

Services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before purchase
Example :  the total service experience is an of many disparate components, such as the experience at the airport, the nature of the services, on board and the in-flight entertainment.

Quality of services depends on who provide them and when, where and how
Example : A doctor who pays attention to you today will lose your service if he does not give the same attention to you tomorrow.

Services cannot be stored for later sale or use
Example : A restaurant in the above case should have the financial backing to support a days loss of business.

Separated from their providers.
Example : of we advertisement for a particular brand of set that we want to but, at a price, which is highly competitive against those of other stores.

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