18 Apr 2012

Planning for what?


Saje update tentang ilmu sambil menghafal ;)

Planning for what?

Planning is carried out by a combination of strategies and tactics.

Strategies is are long-term plans, involving significant decision about direction of marketing action over a period of one to three years or longer. Broad focus, Concerned with position in markets, objectives, strategies, resources.
Example : Product position

Tactics is are short-term plans, decision about what action should be taken over the next weeks to six months. Narrow focus, Concerned with detailed scheduling and costing, actions needed to year one year of the strategies plan.
Example : choice of advertising media

Short-term planning is required simply in order identify where the company is now, and where it will be next week or next months.

planning u future ;) (lari topik)
p/s: next entry i will share about planning process, and as usual if any wrong tell me ok ;)

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