18 Apr 2012

Marketing issues in tourism & Marketing Restrictions


Some issues in travel and tourism marketing

1. Fear of flying 
Aircraft reliability and safety gave cause for considerable concern. From long-distances flights, fear of terrorist attacks and the perceived vulnerability of aircraft and
airports to suck attacks concern over SARS and the ease with which this could be caught recycled through air in an aircraft.

2. Fear of foreign food
Unfamiliar food gave rise complaints. foreign food presented different problems. though ingredient costs rose as a result, the saving in services and in wasted food balanced the cost, and the overall result was improved satisfaction for the majority of travelers.

3. Fear of foreigners
Insoluble problem if taken literally, for it would remove one of the main incentives for travel which is to meet and understand other better. The nature of travel fear has changed, to issues such as fear of terrorism or concern about health risks such as malaria.

Marketing as a field of study 
To conduct research interviews successfully are skills which are as important in their own way as the assiduous research, planning, recording, and analysis that associate with the management function of marketing. Certainly, good marketing will always call for an element of entrepreneurial flair, view of marketing is limited to the extrovert, dynamic salesperson.To interpret statistical data and draw rational conclusion, to demonstrate understanding the tourist needs and behaviour patterns. 'Flair' alone is no longer enough.

Constraints in marketing
Economically is wasteful use of resources. Huge amounts of money are spent in advertising products which are almost identical to other product. Product are designed to date before their normal lifespan, in order to increase sales of more recent models, while consumers goods are designed with parts that will wear out within a given time so that the entire product will require to be replace .

Social critics point to the emphasis that marketers place on material values by playing on consumer emotions in order to build an acquisitive society where wants, rather than needs are manipulated, with the consumer led to believe that the possession of more and more goods and services is the key to a happen and successful life.

Sustainable tourism 

  • uses resources sustainably
  • reduces over-consumption and waste
  • maintains diversity
  • integrates tourism into planning 
  • Support local economies
  • involves local economic
  • consults stakeholders and the public
  • trains staff
  • markets tourism responsibly
  • undertakes research in furtherance of these aims

To be sustainable, tourist must protect the environment and ensure that the local population at the destination derive benefit in terms of income and employment, from visiting tourist.
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