20 Apr 2012

Beautiful Body


Setiap perempuan mesti teringin bentuk badan yang cantik kan, sama la macam saya, setiap kali aku balik rumah mesti ma aku tanya "Adik bila nak kurus" adehh lemah aku nak bagi jawapan. Sejak bila aku jadi gemuk pun aku tak pasti, aku nak kurus maca zaman dulu, aku da malas nak dengar orang berkata pasal aku lagi-lagi orang yang rapat dengan aku. Memang la my Soul tak kisa aku gemuk dan dia memang suka aku gemuk tapi sebagai seorang perempuan, mesti la nak badan yang cantik. Bila aku nak dapat badan macan tu ? semua terpulang kat aku, haish =,=' kecewa hati den nie ha ;'(

kalau bole aku nak badan macam Nicole & Jennifer, perghhh sangat cantik bentuk badan mereka ;)

tengok la saya, gemuk nya la ;(
Kalo bole aku nak berat aku 50KG tp sekarang berat aku da 61KG ! OMG beratnyer aku ;( 
bukan aku tak reti bersyukur tapi tak salahkan nak yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri ;) 
aku harap sangat ader orang faham perasaan aku nie -,-' 

cantiknyeer bentuk badan dia
my idola ;)
p/s: doakan saya kawal nafsu makan saya ;D haha

18 Apr 2012

Categories of Marketing


member i cakap BI teruk, ayat semua tungang langgang. ;p ok fine, tak kisa la janji ini nota saya and saya faham apa saya taip. =,='

Categories of Marketing

Social Marketing
Not all organisations will have profit as their objectives.
Example : has no direct profit objective, its goal being to generate tourism hence stimulating the economy, employment and the profits of private tourist enterprises. this concept of social marketing is a relatively recent one, and brings home the point that organisations of all types can apply good marketing practice to their activities,

Consumer and industrial marketing
In marketing terms, not only tangible goods, but also anything that can be offered to people to satisfy their needs or wants, including services.The term consumer marketing is used to describe the practice of marketing to the former category and Industrial marketing to the latter.

Home and export marketing
A distinction between marketing product in domestic market and marketing them abroad to foreign markets. Is a specialised field of marketing which will have to take into account different legal systems and business climates, different cultures affecting buyer behaviour and the problems associated with transporting products abroad.

The nature of tourism services

Services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before purchase
Example :  the total service experience is an of many disparate components, such as the experience at the airport, the nature of the services, on board and the in-flight entertainment.

Quality of services depends on who provide them and when, where and how
Example : A doctor who pays attention to you today will lose your service if he does not give the same attention to you tomorrow.

Services cannot be stored for later sale or use
Example : A restaurant in the above case should have the financial backing to support a days loss of business.

Separated from their providers.
Example : of we advertisement for a particular brand of set that we want to but, at a price, which is highly competitive against those of other stores.

cantiknya ;)

Marketing issues in tourism & Marketing Restrictions


Some issues in travel and tourism marketing

1. Fear of flying 
Aircraft reliability and safety gave cause for considerable concern. From long-distances flights, fear of terrorist attacks and the perceived vulnerability of aircraft and
airports to suck attacks concern over SARS and the ease with which this could be caught recycled through air in an aircraft.

2. Fear of foreign food
Unfamiliar food gave rise complaints. foreign food presented different problems. though ingredient costs rose as a result, the saving in services and in wasted food balanced the cost, and the overall result was improved satisfaction for the majority of travelers.

3. Fear of foreigners
Insoluble problem if taken literally, for it would remove one of the main incentives for travel which is to meet and understand other better. The nature of travel fear has changed, to issues such as fear of terrorism or concern about health risks such as malaria.

Marketing as a field of study 
To conduct research interviews successfully are skills which are as important in their own way as the assiduous research, planning, recording, and analysis that associate with the management function of marketing. Certainly, good marketing will always call for an element of entrepreneurial flair, view of marketing is limited to the extrovert, dynamic salesperson.To interpret statistical data and draw rational conclusion, to demonstrate understanding the tourist needs and behaviour patterns. 'Flair' alone is no longer enough.

Constraints in marketing
Economically is wasteful use of resources. Huge amounts of money are spent in advertising products which are almost identical to other product. Product are designed to date before their normal lifespan, in order to increase sales of more recent models, while consumers goods are designed with parts that will wear out within a given time so that the entire product will require to be replace .

Social critics point to the emphasis that marketers place on material values by playing on consumer emotions in order to build an acquisitive society where wants, rather than needs are manipulated, with the consumer led to believe that the possession of more and more goods and services is the key to a happen and successful life.

Sustainable tourism 

  • uses resources sustainably
  • reduces over-consumption and waste
  • maintains diversity
  • integrates tourism into planning 
  • Support local economies
  • involves local economic
  • consults stakeholders and the public
  • trains staff
  • markets tourism responsibly
  • undertakes research in furtherance of these aims

To be sustainable, tourist must protect the environment and ensure that the local population at the destination derive benefit in terms of income and employment, from visiting tourist.
bestnyer  tempat nie ;)
p/s : I do like marketing subject. =,='

Marketing Perspective


What its Marketing?

Marketing is about anticipating demand, recognized it, stimulating it and finally satisfying it in short, understanding consumer' want and needs, as to what can be sold, to whom, when, where and in what quantities.

Have two definition marketing

1. Chartered Institute of Marketing :

Marketing is the management function which organises and direct all those business activites involved in assessing customer needs and converting customer purchasing power into affective demand for a specific product or services and in moving that product or services to the final consumer or user so as to achieve the profit target or other objectives set by the company or other organisation.

In this definition have 3 points : First, management function, Second, it underlies and provides and lastly, herein lies the whole philosophy of marketing.

2. Philip Kotler

A social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want by creating and exchanging product and value with other.

The definition means is consumer's assiment of a product and wider application of the term marketing a social and managerial process.

credit abg google 
P/s: many chapter that i must cover. OMG  =,='

Marketing Setting Objectives


Selamat Pagi mulakan hari dengan senyuman,

Introduction marketing setting objectives,

Objectives set out what the business is trying to achieve.

Divided in two level ;

1. Corporate level 
That are concern the business or organisation as a whole.

Example "corporate objectives"
  • We aim to achieve an operating profit

2. Functional level
Specific objectives for marketing activities.

Example :
  • We aim to achieve a market share 
  • We aim to build customer database

Corporate and functional objectives used SMART criteria.

SPECIFIC = The objective should state exactly what is to be achieved.
MEASURABLE = An objectives should be capable of measurement.
ACHIEVABLE = The objective should be realistic and the resources available to the business.
RELEVANT = Should be relevant to the people responsible for achieving them.
TIME BOUND = Set with a time-frame in mind. Deadlines also need to be realistic.

credit to : abg google 

P/s : all night long study marketing, beating my brain. like usual any wrong in my explanation tell me ;)

Planning for what?


Saje update tentang ilmu sambil menghafal ;)

Planning for what?

Planning is carried out by a combination of strategies and tactics.

Strategies is are long-term plans, involving significant decision about direction of marketing action over a period of one to three years or longer. Broad focus, Concerned with position in markets, objectives, strategies, resources.
Example : Product position

Tactics is are short-term plans, decision about what action should be taken over the next weeks to six months. Narrow focus, Concerned with detailed scheduling and costing, actions needed to year one year of the strategies plan.
Example : choice of advertising media

Short-term planning is required simply in order identify where the company is now, and where it will be next week or next months.

planning u future ;) (lari topik)
p/s: next entry i will share about planning process, and as usual if any wrong tell me ok ;)

Marketing Planning


Saje nak wat entry ilmiah hari nie, nak exam katakan ;)

What is marketing planning ?

Marketing Planning is a way of achieving something. In business, its more likely to do planning with a well-constructed and realistic plan. Example :  Planning is designed to link an organisation's goal and resources to its marketing opportunities, and in doing so to make the best uses of its resources.

What does planning involves ?
  • Setting objectives, quantifying target for achievement, and communicating these targets to people responsible fr achievement them.
  • Selecting strategies, tactics, programmed for achieving the objectives.
This topic will bring up some important terminology and will find many terms in marketing.

Method chosen to achieve goal and objectives.
Example : Strategy to grow sales and profit of existing product and to broaden business by introducing new products to our existing markets

The resources that are used in the strategy.
Example : Used widespread distribution via UK supermarkets to increase sales and existing product and introduction a new product.

Concern what to want achieve.
Example : To achieve market leadership in existing markets.

Goals that can be quantified.
Example : Aim to penetrate new markets by achieving a market.

Goals that cannot be measured in a reliable way but to remain important as a means of providing direction and focus.
Example : Aim to delight customers.

P/s : if have any wrong in my explanation, please tell me ;) what i typing is what i understand about marketing planning. tq ;) 

17 Apr 2012

Pantai BNO


lama x update story, hari nie entri gmbr jer, sebab nak study marketing, final next week, study blum lagi, doakan saya ok. pergi pantai release tension,  sangat best mmg hobi aku, kebetulan pantai BNO surut, mungkin sebab kesan gempa bumi kat Aceh hari tu. ok la time up, bye, Assalamualaikum ;)

p/s: wish me luck guys;) 
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