18 Apr 2012

Marketing Planning


Saje nak wat entry ilmiah hari nie, nak exam katakan ;)

What is marketing planning ?

Marketing Planning is a way of achieving something. In business, its more likely to do planning with a well-constructed and realistic plan. Example :  Planning is designed to link an organisation's goal and resources to its marketing opportunities, and in doing so to make the best uses of its resources.

What does planning involves ?
  • Setting objectives, quantifying target for achievement, and communicating these targets to people responsible fr achievement them.
  • Selecting strategies, tactics, programmed for achieving the objectives.
This topic will bring up some important terminology and will find many terms in marketing.

Method chosen to achieve goal and objectives.
Example : Strategy to grow sales and profit of existing product and to broaden business by introducing new products to our existing markets

The resources that are used in the strategy.
Example : Used widespread distribution via UK supermarkets to increase sales and existing product and introduction a new product.

Concern what to want achieve.
Example : To achieve market leadership in existing markets.

Goals that can be quantified.
Example : Aim to penetrate new markets by achieving a market.

Goals that cannot be measured in a reliable way but to remain important as a means of providing direction and focus.
Example : Aim to delight customers.

P/s : if have any wrong in my explanation, please tell me ;) what i typing is what i understand about marketing planning. tq ;) 

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