18 Apr 2012

Marketing Setting Objectives


Selamat Pagi mulakan hari dengan senyuman,

Introduction marketing setting objectives,

Objectives set out what the business is trying to achieve.

Divided in two level ;

1. Corporate level 
That are concern the business or organisation as a whole.

Example "corporate objectives"
  • We aim to achieve an operating profit

2. Functional level
Specific objectives for marketing activities.

Example :
  • We aim to achieve a market share 
  • We aim to build customer database

Corporate and functional objectives used SMART criteria.

SPECIFIC = The objective should state exactly what is to be achieved.
MEASURABLE = An objectives should be capable of measurement.
ACHIEVABLE = The objective should be realistic and the resources available to the business.
RELEVANT = Should be relevant to the people responsible for achieving them.
TIME BOUND = Set with a time-frame in mind. Deadlines also need to be realistic.

credit to : abg google 

P/s : all night long study marketing, beating my brain. like usual any wrong in my explanation tell me ;)
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